We’re always on the lookout for talented artists to join our creative team

Want to join us?

Are you a creative and talented artist looking to be part of some really cool projects? Please send us your application and attach your CV using the apply button under each job listing to the right on this page.

Aspiring employees

We regularly update our job listings as new projects are coming in. If you feel that you would be a great match for any of our positions please let us know and apply! We’d love to hear from you!


We frequently employ remote freelancers for both short and long term projects. We keep all contact information on file for future opportunities/vacancies.

All freelancers please note that for invoicing purposes you have to either;

1. Have your own VAT registered company in the country where you pay tax
2. Have the capability to use an external VAT registered company

For Swedish freelancers we recommend companies like Firmify and Frilans Finans, ,


Starting from spring 2019 Mattescape Studios will have two open internship positions running for 5-6 months.
Please note that these positions are open only to EU/EEA citizens and people with valid student visas only.

Internship program


For potential future positions please send your CV to and you might be what we are looking for!